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Rising Up.


Beautiful original paintings to inspire life.
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Each month the theme changes, the specials change & they only last this month - October


New this month ‘Rise Up’

Created during a season when I really needed to inspire myself. I put on the song by Andra Day and sang it like an anthem. We have to believe in ourselves, pick ourselves back up and push on. Things will get better, circumstances will change and breakthrough is coming.
Beautiful original painting, acrylic on canvas, 51 x 25cm

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On Sale this month

In Pursuit of The Light

$800.00 $1,500.00

It is within all of us the desire to overcome the darkness in pursuit of the light. To grow, to develop and to be all that we can be.

Inspired by the Māori creation narrative, the children of Ranginui (Sky-father) and Papatuanuku (Earth-mother) lived in darkness until they were desperate for the light. Tane (the god of the forest) had seen the light of the sun shining under the armpit of Rangi, so he consulted with his elder brothers about how they could separate their parents.

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Card Pack

Gifts of Significance range of gift cards are designed from my original paintings. Each design comes complete with a seperate note of inspiration, revealing the purpose of the painting. The card pack changes every month - this month the pack includes, Here I Am, Bouquet & Wairua, plus a surprise card!

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