Froyle Neideck is a contemporary visual artist, specialising in creating bold paintings of dramatic colour and rich texture.

My inspiration comes from colour itself, and my approach to art is most akin to abstract expressionism. My paintings are a celebration of the creative process; whereby the initial inspiration is the spring board and from this the art evolves. Music plays a vital role in my creativity, it is the catalyst from where I draw my emotional expression and my paintings are often the execution of a visual colour melody. 

My mission is to create art that inspires hope through the beauty of the colour and the texture of the painting. For me, representational imagery is not as important as the experience of the art, both for myself as the artist and for the viewer, which is why I particularly love abstract art. My paintings are designed to create positive change in the atmosphere where they find a home. I work mainly in acrylic paint and mixed media collage and I often work in series. 

What we do

I am constantly creating new paintings, always exploring fresh possibilities with art materials. Art for me is about the experience. My current series deals with the Colours of Hope, inspiring and encouraging people to appreciate the beautiful world we live in.

We also run Creative Art Workshops, engaging ordinary people in the creative expression of mixed media collage. It is an opportunity for 'virgin' artists to step into a studio space for a day and to unleash their creative identity. Everybody is creative and these workshops are designed to help people realise how amazing they really are.

Two years ago, I was greatly impacted by the experience my cousin went through with breast cancer. It started a whole new pursuit of decor designs, the Colours of Hope range. Read the story and be inspired by two people wanting to change the world!