In Pursuit of The Light

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It is within all of us the desire to overcome the darkness in pursuit of the light. To grow, to develop and to be all that we can be.

Inspired by the Māori creation narrative, the children of Ranginui (Sky-father) and Papatuanuku (Earth-mother) lived in darkness until they were desperate for the light. Tane (the god of the forest) had seen the light of the sun shining under the armpit of Rangi, so he consulted with his elder brothers about how they could separate their parents.

Multiple layers of acrylic paint and iridescent inks on linen. 

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This painting has been created on a professionally stretched linen canvas. With the sides painted, the back taped and strung, this work of art is ready to hang. It has been finished with a high gloss varnish and measures 61 x 61cm (24”x 24”).