Between Two Worlds

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When I found my way home and my birth family, it opened up a new world of possibilities. I understood more of who I am and this clearer identity has given me such a greater sense of self worth. I am a child of two worlds, both Pākehā & Māori, adopted family and birth family. Learning from both worlds, I feel more grounded. Understanding my true self has strengthen my heart and made me a stronger person. This painting celebrates the freedom to be who you have been created to be, in all it’s entirety.

Multiple layers of acrylic paint and iridescent inks on linen. 

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This painting has been created on a professionally stretched linen canvas. With the sides painted, the back taped and strung, this work of art is ready to hang. It has been finished with a high gloss varnish and measures 61 x 61cm (24”x 24”).