We send beautiful, soft, richly coloured scarfs, created from our original paintings, saturated with love and prayer to inspire hope and healing.

In Acts 19:12, the scripture says that fabric touched Paul and the anointing of God was transferred onto the scarves and hankies and as the disciples sent out the fabric it healed the sick. We know this God of miracle working power and we know that in the name of Jesus, all things are possible (Matt 19:26).

You can read the story of the Colours of Hope and find out how we got to this moment.

If you would like to have a scarf sent, then contact Froyle with the name and address of the person you would like the scarf sent to, and if you tell us the illness, we will pray specifically.

We send scarfs on assignment FREE. This is a ministry project.

It is a revolution to inspire hope through colour & beauty in the face of global despair.

Thank you for joining the revolution. 
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This is Nana. She does have a name, Helen and Nana is my mum, but everybody calls her Nana! Nana was siting on her couch, where she had dropped off to sleep. I rang her and the sound of the phone gave her such a fright, that she fell off the couch, hit her side table, sent her glass of wine flying and she landed on the floor with the smashed glass. 

I thought it was pretty funny when she told me, but Nana had hurt her arm in the landing and she was not laughing! Groaning in pain, laying on her bed later, she looked up and saw the scarf that had been previously prayed on for her. She thought to herself, "well, I have nothing to loose" and so she wrapped the scarf around her throbbing arm. 

Nana says within five minutes the pain left and she hasn't felt it again! Now Nana doesn't jump to conclusions and not one to make a fuss, she wanted to be sure she was healed. So she squeezed her arm and pushed on it looking for the pain, nope, it wasn't there it had gone!

This is very good news, because Nana is the one making all the scarfs that we send out on assignment. Her testimony is real, her experience is authentic and this is very powerful for the atmosphere of faith in which she sews. Everything we send, goes out on assignment with love, to encourage people, to inspire hope and to release the presence of God.

The pain has still not returned in her arm!
Helen Ludwig (Nana)
3 August 2015

Danielle Hokin
Hi there, I recently requested prayers and scarves for two ladies one of which was my sister Donna Bowman. She doesn’t know I asked you and this is the message she left on Facebook I thought you might like to read it.

“Last week I received a beautiful scarf in the mail with a message that really made me feel safe and hopeful. I just want to say thank you to the beautiful soul who sent this to me. I'm not sure if your even on face book but if you are I hope you get to read this message because it meant so much to me. X”

Thankyou again for the wonderful work you do. 
Blessings, Danielle Hokin
(13 September 2016).

Fay Harrison
I was just in Melbourne and saw Naomi Cross, who was a recipient of one of your scarves.  She has been battling bowel cancer which has spread to other organs for nearly a year now, but is in excellent spirits most days. She asked me to tell you how much she loves that scarf. She sleeps with it over her every night. We are still praying for a miracle.

Thank you for being faithful in the ministry you have,
Love, Fay Harrison.
(23 August 2016)

Fiona Kennedy
Donna is wearing the scarf out and about and loves it! The miraculous news is that when they operated the surgeon couldn’t find any tumour to take out and the cells tested showed that cancer had been present previously but the tumour had shrunk away to nothing with chemotherapy and I believe because of all the prayer Donna has received. They removed all her lymph nodes during surgery only to find in her follow up report that no cancer is present and full body scan is now clear.

Praise the Lord - our God is so so good. xx

Lauralee Birrell
My 10 year old daughter had been suffering with extreme anxiety and fear to the point where she would not let me out of her sight. She became very discouraged and feelings of hopelessness consumed her waking hours. Most days she would cry out of fear that 'these tormenting thoughts would never go away'.

One night she saw us praying over the Colours of Hope scarfs, after the meeting she asked; 'do you think I could have one of those?' I arranged a scarf with Froyle and within a few days my daughter was the proud recipient of a Colours of Hope scarf! That night she placed it on her pillow until it came time to go to bed. Once she was in bed the scarf was clutched in both hands and held to her chest all night long!

Since receiving the scarf, it has remained her most treasured possession and one which she MUST sleep with every night. The transformation in my daughter is nothing less than a miracle of God. All fear, discouragement and hopelessness has completely gone. I know, as her mumma, that the prayers and heart behind the scarf has been the catalyst to bring a new found hope and joy to my little girls life. When I consider where she was emotionally, just 6 months ago, I am astonished at the healing that has taken place.

Lauralee Berrill
3 December 2016

Two weeks ago we sent a scarf to a young lady who had lost her husband to suicide. This is her response to receiving the scarf on assignment.

"I had asked the Lord for a sign, some days ago. I prayed for some kind of confirmation that I am not alone as I have been feeling. I asked for some symbol of His presence, some form of proof that He can hear me, that He is with me. Since my beloved husband's death, I have endured a deep, hollow emptiness that is too hard to put in words. My faith was rocked and I was scared the Lord could not hear me. I was scared He had left my life, as my husband did.

My trips to my mailbox of late have been further depressing. I have had so much to take on in the wake of the recent tragedy. Suffice to say, I no longer look forward to checking the mail, until…
I grabbed the mail on my way to ballet class, I had arrived a little early for dance, so I thought I would open this curious package. With a heavy heart I tore it open.

I unravelled a magic scarf!  The moment I put it in my hands, something wonderful and warm flooded my soul. Reading the cards that came with it, brought me genuine joy, it felt like the Lord Himself had sent me some mail. 

Suddenly, His presence was so palpable there, surrounding me, I instantly felt brave, protected, loved and for the first time in a while, I felt a great light shining down on me. With these sensations also came a feeling of calm assurance. Such peace came over me.

Every time I wear it, I feel beyond empowered. I wore it to my private ballet class and I felt so thoroughly blessed, my heart was bursting. Needless to say, I can feel God's love for me within this scarf, it is the sign I asked for, the very confirmation I had been yearning for. The timing was incredible. When I touch it or wear it, I can feel the love of God's people that helped the scarf come to me. I can almost hear the Lord smiling. I am unable to properly express the extent and depth of my gratitude”.

3 August 2015