My inspiration comes from colour itself...

My approach to art is most akin to abstract expressionism, the paintings are a celebration of the creative process; whereby the initial inspiration is the spring board and from this the art evolves. Music plays a vital role in my creativity, it is the catalyst from where I draw my emotional expression and my paintings are often the execution of a visual colour melody. 

My favourite creative expression is abstract art. Beautiful, colour saturated canvases of thick acrylic paint and iridescent inks. For me painting is a love affair, even an obsession. It's the creative process itself that drives me, creating something so beautiful that it stops people in their tracks and they just fall in love... with the art. I am compelled to create a deeply moving, emotional and even spiritual experience.

Recently my whole world turned upside down, when I found my birth family and point of origin. This experience is now having a profound impact on my arts practice, as I outwork this new found knowledge through my new series of paintings.  
Read my story, The Journey Home.

I trust that your life will be enriched by this experience of my art, Cheers Froyle Davies.